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profile picture   Shelley Beard - Department of Education and Workforce

Perspective of self and team. I believe the training could have lasting impact on the honest and reflective functions of our team to create a positive, honest and improvement focused office. It surprises me the difficulty people face in honest self-reflection.

profile picture   Katharine Delavan - Ohio Department of Education and Workforce

I have been able to consistently practice pausing, waiting and thinking before responding to emails and chat messages in Teams. I try to read and re-read emails/chats before responding to ensure I am processing content correctly and not adding in any emotion etc...I have learned, or reconfirmed, my ability to focus on controlling my reaction to others, proactively planning on how I might react if....I did not know what to expect when I started NextJump. I am pleased to say I have taken away a... Read more

profile picture   Ginni Guiton - MOAA

We needed the showed me how deeply we embraced the ruinous empathy mindset (myself included). It was emotionally difficult for many at first to have the real conversations. The initial feedback felt difficult to receive. I am not only more aware of how I incorporate red arrow behaviors, but also how others do too. It provides more insight into getting past them and getting to the substance to create positive change.

profile picture   Erin Cardinal - MOAA

This training changed my 'relationship' with feedback. Instead of seeing it as 'negative' or 'positive' or 'good' or 'bad' I now frame it in terms of usefulness / effectiveness. I am more confident in providing feedback and I am more thoughtful about the feedback that I give in terms of usefulness. I ask myself, 'is this just my opinion, or can someone actually do something to move the needle with this feedback'? I think it will take some more time for this to have a notable organizational... Read more

profile picture   Rachel Barth - Military Officers Association

I got a ton from the training in terms of really seeing my blind spots and how my behaviors affected people in ways I didn't even know. I also started to connect the dots between listening, paying attention to details, speaking up and how this all helps create high-performing teams.

profile picture   Daniel Sipek - Ohio Department of Education

*Take aways from the training. I hadn't thought much about self-improvement in this way and the term Red Arrow Behaviors was something I had not ever heard before. Thinking about this term has given me a new vision of self-reflection. I hope that thinking about RABs will part of who I am in all settings and have a positive impact on my work * I learned that my interactions in different settings have had an effect on the value I bring to the group I am working with. I think at times I have... Read more

profile picture   Adam Klimas - State Support Team Region 5

Throughout the training, I learned about my behavior, and I also learned ways that others in my group manage their own behavior. I have not spent much time considering ways that I shut down feedback, but after very little reflection it was clear that I engage in many red-arrow behaviors.

profile picture   Heidi Young - NH DHHS DBH Bureau of Homeless Services

This module of debating to learn has taught me a great deal about asking questions to be more curious, vs trying to win a debate. I have normally leaned toward looking at the negative of a situation and leaning into the positive of how something can succeed has been situationally hard for me and I've been practicing more on thinking and speaking more positively.

profile picture   Heidi Young - NH DHHS DBH Bureau of Homeless Services

This most recent iteration of PRT - Module 3 10X, was great training to continue to be 'in the arena' working on my RABs, dialing down, but also awareness of what getting messy looks like. It felt like I touched the surface in getting messy, but really good in getting in the reps and practice of it. Debating to learn and be curious is alot harder than it seems, and I continue to grow and learn to do that - I keep developing that thicker skin to give and receive feedback and not LHF! All of it... Read more

profile picture   Claire Dickinson - Alliance Healthcare

Practicing using the ladders of inference to argue for or against a case on a weekly basis has made decision making a lot easier

profile picture   Claire Dickinson - Alliance Healthcare

Weekly exercises using ladders of inference to structure thoughts and arguments meant that decision making around scenarios became far easier

profile picture   Claire Dickinson - Alliance Healthcare

PRT Module 3 was useful in gathering and structuring my thoughts using ladders of inference, to argue for or against a scenario. Getting the reps in week after week meant that this became easier and almost second nature.

profile picture   Heidi Young - NH DHHS DBH Bureau of Homeless Services

This most recent iteration of PRT - Module 3 10X, was great training to continue to be 'in the arena' working on my RABs, dialing down, but also awareness of what getting messy looks like. It felt like I touched the surface in getting messy, but really good in getting in the reps and practice of it. Debating to learn and be curious is alot harder than it seems, and I continue to grow and learn to do that - I keep developing that thicker skin to give and receive feedback and not LHF! All of... Read more

profile picture   Changsi Liu - Authright Inc.

Learning to listen and give out feedback makes me a better employee in work and better person in life.

profile picture   Jason Cardinal - QR Pay Ltd Co

Being vulnerable and letting in full-blown critical feedback is both a vital and painful process for self-improvement. You can't improve if you don't know your shortcomings, and no one is willing to risk a decent relationship to give you their honest opinions. The PRT-A training helped me become a better listener in my professional and personal life.

profile picture   Katie Onufer - Shark Bite Fitness and Nutrition

PRT with Steve and my group was extremely helpful. I never realized how difficult it would be to observe my own behaviors and try to address them. With the help of the other members in the group I've begun the hard task of working on myself and have also improved my ability to give others feedback.

profile picture   Lisa Zancewicz - Town of Holliston

Awareness is the key word that I continue to use when I talk about PRT-A/B. As a teacher, I love to look at behavior and what causes or drives behavior in kids. Until PRT, I had never really related it to my own behavior. I didn't really connect the dots that my own actions drive my behavior and impact how people interact with me. PRT-A/B have given me the tools to be aware of my own feelings and actions. Moving through my day, I can often identify that "fork in the road" where there might be... Read more

profile picture   Adam Lane - Oak Strength

I had a very positive PRT experience. I look forward to PRT-B!

profile picture   Austin Garber - Austin garber fitness

Rome is the best ! I catch myself all day long on my red arrows

profile picture   Matthew Chenard - Greater Purpose Health & Fitness

It was great. It helped me gain some more self awareness, as well as helping me grow in my ability to provide honest and constructive feedback to others.

profile picture   Thomas Regier - Greater Purpose Health & Fitness

It made me much more aware of them. I had never really thought about if before or where they might have came from. The awareness that was brought to them and then the challenge to actively go out and work on improving them and getting in some safe reps to start was great!

profile picture   Adam Lane - Oak Strength

I had a very positive experience in PRT. I’ve done many different types of trainings through the years but I actually felt like I learned something that I will use moving forward.

profile picture   Hamish Stewart-Smith - BDO

I'm way less in my head, constantly thinking about the right action to take, and much more able to move fast, see and evaluate the consequences of my actions, adjust or keep going, learn, learn, learn, repeat and keep moving. Way more confident and calm.

profile picture   Tim Furbush - Team Furby

I was working on a better version of myself long before I ever heard of Next Jump, but short of therapy - nothing accelerated my personal development faster. In PRT-B you get personal coaching plus a platform to capture reflections and emotional state. And because it's done in a group format, you have the added benefit of sharing in the experiences of each group member's own unique challenges. If you do the work, you end up with data...lots of it. And it's all about you. I found it a... Read more

profile picture   Heidi Young - NH DHHS DEHS Bureau of Housing Supports

This PRT experience continues to keep me in the arena, learning and growing. It has allowed me to continue to look inward instead of blaming others for the ways conflict goes unresolved. The more I am engaged with others that are in the arena, the more opportunity I have to consistently go in the dark and make a habit of paying attention to my self and push the boundaries of my comfort zone of the appearances I keep. I am grateful to those that don't just take my BS of niceness and passivity... Read more

profile picture   Sara Carter - Portside Fitness

PRT-B gave me a deep dive into paying more attention to my RABs and then getting reps whole on them. Being able to share that with other people who are working to better themselves gave me the opportunity to be extremely open and honest with myself and with them. Mike was a great leader and seeing how he spoke the truth with his own team gave me great insight.

profile picture   Tao Xu - authright

it's an impressive expreience

profile picture   Christopher Iafelice - Adapting Social

The biggest takeaway that I had when taking PRT was self-awareness and how important it is for your growth. Not only professionally, but also personally. I didn't realize how much my RAB's crossed over from my professional and personal life and when I started to self-identify these arrows that were prohibiting people from giving me the truth, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. During the 13 weeks I was attending PRT, not only did I see an improvement in the relationships I... Read more

profile picture   Michael Maccarone - Avenues: The World School

The PRT-A course was a really powerful way to begin to build a better routine around inviting and receiving feedback as a leader. It helped me to examine some of the conscious and unconscious things that I was doing to keep others from being able to be honest with me, and that kept me from being able to accept their feedback. I tend to want to explain my rationale for everything when things don't go smoothly, and that can be seen as defensive or resistive to feedback. It's something I will... Read more

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

Sometimes I felt like I was searching for things to probe on, and felt like I would be rated poorly for not asking questions, so sometimes I may have just been talking to talk. But other times, what was being shared was more in my wheelhouse and I felt I could contribute more. You have to learn there is a balance, and sometimes it may be okay to not probe if others are probing, etc.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

This was a 2% thing for me. I tried to do this and LIP each week, and it proved too much. I had conflicts with this a few times, but this was the more critical thing for me to join, and the LIPs have had to move to the backburner. As time progresses, maybe I’ll be able to pick them back up, but I think this relates to that intensity vs consistency Becca talked about today.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

Truly listening to the others helped open my eyes to things I was also doing but hadn’t thought of. So again, fully investing helped break down some walls and allowed me to grow more internally while also being able to speak from experiences.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

You get out what you put into it; nothing new, but you really need to engage fully to get the full benefit. There were days I wasn’t feeling it and was distracted, and I felt I offered less and took away less than others, whether or not it appeared that way. Practicing intentionality is sometimes hard, but it’s critical to grow.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

Want to improve, but find it daunting? Take smaller bites out of the process by running a few low-drag experiments, to relieve some of the pressure to get it perfectly right the first time.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

If you want to receive honest, critical feedback, then first ask yourself how you are putting up barriers that prevent others from telling you the truth.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

It’s all about the reps: the consistency allowed me to hold myself accountable to the growth I told the group I was going to take. If I didn’t take it (which was sometimes the case), it forced me to explore why, which led to a deeper realization of my RABs.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

The more I gave, the more I received: the deeper I allowed myself to go, the more I grew. I think the PRT framework allows people to grow at their own pace, but there is full support to go as deep and real (vulnerable) as you want to go.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

I appreciated having a group that met consistently because that was a form of accountability for me. The PRT framework helped me get out of my comfort zone giving and receiving truth. (Both during our weekly meetings together and through the feedback app).

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

Being intentional with my decisions has changed my life. I feel like I am living a more vibrant and full life.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

My awareness really raised, I started seeing how many things I was doing in the automatic.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

Now self-aware

profile picture   PRT Participant - Rice U

I’m in control of my reactions, it’s not the other person’s fault that I’m mad

profile picture   Josh Hurt - Rice U

Through my 26 years in the Air Force I've went through a lot of credentialing, instructor, and certification courses. I am proud of them all but I might be most proud of this one. The Master Coach certificatino through the PRT program has been absolutely life changing. This program has upgraded my: awareness, sense-making, judgement, and decision-making. Noy only personally but organizationally it has: increased psychological safety, reduced organizational silence, upgraded team... Read more

profile picture   Simon Sparks - Mythical Games

PRT has been a bedrock of self awareness for me. Its made me more curious to others and accelerated my creativity, not only in work but with my relationships at home. It’s become a foundational practices for me and my teams.

profile picture   Lindsay Jencsik - Infotek

PRT has changed not only my professional life and strategic thinking; it has also made me a better person all around. I’m grateful for the ability to get out of my head and focus my energy on making positive life changes instead of burning myself out. I have more meaningful interactions with my team and in my personal life.

profile picture   Josh Hurt - Rice U

PRT has upgraded the way I see and experience the world. It has taught me how to improve my decision-making process to land on more optimal solutions.

profile picture   Josh Hurt - Rice U

How I have seen PRT help people grow: 1) Participants become better at changing their worldview as they see the world change around them. 2) Participants seek out feedback instead of shying away from it. 3) Changes how participants see mistakes, instead of trying to hide them they now see them as learning opportunities. 4) PRT helps participants that see challenges as threats, instead see them as growth opportunities. 5) PRT helps dial down ego and participants are more inclined to ask for help... Read more

profile picture   Simon Sparks - Mythical, Inc.

It's the foundation of leadership, without being fully engaged in PRT I think as a leader(at what ever level you are) you will limit yourself and create 'glass ceilings'. It's also the bedrock of inclusive cultures. If you bottle up what makes the elite teams in sports, business etc perform better then the rest it would be PRT.

profile picture   Nadia Bajan - Next Jump

I am also grateful for the people in our resiliency training as everyone is trying to give their POV on how I can improve….. I think that as soon as I can dial these 2 As down, people will more likely feel comfortable giving me feedback and that will help me grow. …Thank you all for helping me work on myself, helping me knowing myself better. No one has ever invested in Better Me that much. I am really grateful.

profile picture   Jing - Next Jump

Our resiliency training group is very supportive. At the same time, I got a lot of honest feedback during the process. At the same time, I am a little shameful because it took me so long to have those awareness and willing to take actions... because of the shame, I feel extra grateful for the people who are patient and support me through this journey. I still have a long way to go. I am less scared now.

profile picture   Kam Shrivastava - Next Jump

Extremely Grateful Resiliency Training is giving me a great opportunity to reflect deeper on what is restricting me to become a better version of me and realize my full potential. And also how I make it difficult for others to give me feedback and truth. Opening up to our group and sharing what is in my head and discussing through the tough narratives that block my ability to even interact, was a real eye opener. I realized why I wouldn’t put myself and my thoughts out there, even in my... Read more

profile picture   Simon Sparks - Polystream

Good to hear and see the same sort of problems, fears etc. Make you feel like your not alone.

profile picture   Eileen Chappell - Mott MacDonald

Reassuring to know that I am not the only one who struggles with particular issues.

profile picture   Rosemary - Home Depot

Productive conversations with my teenager after finding out what I do that keeps him from sharing with me

profile picture   Kristi Murray -

strongly recommend this to any that are not already participating

profile picture   Tina Bebe - Boston Scientific

Our small group has already gotten very vulnerable - such a great safe space to talk/work/grow

profile picture   Pat McCollough - RedSail (formerly Smith)

Surprisingly enough the participation in group discussion continues to get better. I started off yesterday by sharing my revised worksheet and discussed the guardrails I have put in place to take control of my red arrows. I do not know if I was supposed to do this drill, but I will attempt to replay the initial worksheet this weekend on myself to see if I can flesh out any more red arrows. I have also been receiving better feedback (verbally) from my teams at work and family at home. ... Read more

profile picture   Keri - USAA

to be able to talk about, get feedback on and really look at my desire to control every situation – it’s been eye opening for me on how much I can improve my behavior.

profile picture   Clarke - USAA

Two distinct situations this week that I saw the effects of PRT. In both situations, I approached differently, the conversations were more real, and watching monika navigate a really tense situation yesterday – was so impressive.

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

This is a course where everyone learns something different....about themselves. The learning is, therefore, difficult to truly measure. I did not realize this until the course concluded that I've actually learned something about myself.

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

One of the best aspects was the opportunity to meet in a safe place with colleagues. I think the concept of feedback did help to get the conversation moving and allowed some of us to open up more than we normally would have done. Can we incorporate some of the learning from the on demand Next Jump videos into the future courses?

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

This was an excellent workshop and I would strongly encourage that this opportunity be offered to all FSA employees. The workshop was timely, substantive, and timely!! Kudos to the awesome facilitators on a job very well done!!

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

I enjoyed the diversity of the group.

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

Thank you for sponsoring this program I believe others would benefit from future

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

The timing of the program was great as there has been tremendous change and uncertainty in recent years and starting each session with what's on your minds led to multiple rich discussion on a number of different topics that helped to strengthen relationships among participants.

profile picture   Nell McBride - Former Executive with Bank of America (voluntarily resigned to help family) Unemployed/ Active Job Seeker

I just tried one of the Resiliency training on Tuesday and it was great. Makes you think of past leadership training that didn't work (checklists/procedures from more of a liability/employment law perspective...not practical approaches) and how you can relearn by unlearning your old training/management approaches.

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

This was incredibly valuable. It helped me realize that I had to step up and show that I have the leadership skills and courage to lead. Many thanks for the feedback and believing in me.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Next Jump

Sometimes it can be easy to think you are the only ones struggling/making mistakes/tired etc but it’s so grounding seeing this group of people who all have so much care also facing the same things. I feel grateful.

profile picture   PRT Participant - Next Jump

I feel grateful for being part of this. Felt really emotional while presenting during resiliency training. It has definitely given me a new perspective and energy and I feel more confident today. I feel, I am really enjoying what I am doing… I feel touched and grateful to be a part of this

profile picture   PRT Participant - FSA

I would like to recommend that this workshop be offered at the employee level. I believe employees may benefit from understanding their red arrow behaviors to help them improve themselves. By having both supervisors and employees knowing how to deal with red arrow behaviors may create a more cohesive and collaborative working relationship.

profile picture   Monika - USAA

I’ve been in several resiliency trainings before (classes) – this has been so much more effective. Documenting how I am in my head – feeling less alone hearing what others are struggling with. Without PRT, I would be in a worse state right now – I feel so much more hopeful – empowered to bring up these topics and work on them

profile picture   Angelo - USAA

PRT group – I feel like I finally have the safe space to be honest here. I’ve gotten feedback over my career to tone it down, be less direct. I can share my messiness and I’m blown away with the courage of others

profile picture   Allie Duffy - The Pilates RX

PRT has forced me to slow down & be more introspective during the day.

profile picture   Christine Bhe - Tai Chi Wellbeing

I have experienced a bit of a catharsis with the first exercise in exploring my fears and what is the worst that could happen. It has helped my realize that my fears are causing me undue stress, leading to negative outcomes such as self-limiting behavior, and real and/or imagined pain and suffering.

profile picture   Kori Keane-Bautista - ADP

Being more mindful of my personal brand and how I present myself to others has been enlightening.... I am typically reserved, so opening up and showing vulnerability is a new concept. It's not as intimidating as I thought it would be.

profile picture   Maria Rodriguez - Pizza Express

I have gone to some Resiliency training in the past on a personal level and having gone through the first few sessions of Resiliency at the workplace has changed the view of the meaning quiet a lot. PRT has made me seen a complete other me, making me think about myself and how others see me making me realize that I don´t know myself as good as I though.

profile picture   Alan Judy - Labcorp

I have enjoyed the different perspectives of group members. I think it is a great forum for sharing because we have no preconceived ideas about who each of us are and it seems easier to share things because of this.

profile picture   Shana Echevarr - USAF Chaplain Corps

I was able to admit my secret of habitual lying to cover up my procrastination habits. Identified several rituals to help me overcome them.

profile picture   Heidi Young - NH DHHS DEHS Bureau of Housing Supports

I have enjoyed meeting new people and working toward being more authentic in this new environment because people whom I don't normally interact with are free to give their opinions without fear of repercussion. I really enjoy the intimate environment and the feeling that this is a safe space.

profile picture   Mike Collette - Prototype Training Systems

PRT has helped me in other ways that I believe the intentions are. I have been constantly avoiding doing things that make me feel uncomfortable (like talking about myself, my struggles, speaking publicly in general) so this has been great and I now look forward to it. I'm in a lot of industry-specific groups, masterminds, networking groups etc and this is another type of group and change of pace. Less focus on the work/success and more on you individually and your personal struggles. Also, it's... Read more

profile picture   Allie Duffy -

It was amazing how easy it was to self - identify red flag behaviors when you just pause and think about it for a moment. it’s as though you know but electively ignore these behaviors

profile picture   Carla - Navy

I found that some of my RABs define me… they make up how I act… to admit that they are negatively impacting my growth is a difficult pill to swallow

profile picture   Jay Chung - Seoul Kitchen

I got a little intro to PRT because I have been to NextJump in NYC and also have done a few of the Thursday zoom sessions with Charlie and Meg. I’ve always struggled with focus and it wasn’t until recently that I realized that not everyone faced the same struggles I did. Realizing that has made a big impact on my life thus I have learned to be more kind to myself and also seek treatment (big thanks to Annie, btw). Aside from that, others in the PRT sharing they feel “imposter... Read more

profile picture   Annie Powell - Prototype Training Systems

My ""why"" for signing up: These past 2 years in medicine have been grueling...I noticed feeling worn out in body and spirit. When this opportunity arose, I really did not understand much about it, but it seemed like a great chance to set aside some time for personal development. What I've noticed: First, I really enjoy the PRT groups themselves. Part of that is likely that it's a great bunch of people of course! I also love having designated time each week to actually THINK in a... Read more

profile picture   Andrew Romeo - Romeo Athletics

The biggest impact PRT has had on me is the awareness of my unwillingness to be vulnerable, and how this has handcuffed me throughout my life. My willingness to shoulder the burden, take on everything myself, not ask for help has been a useful tool in parts of my life. Most specifically opening my business, but has severely limited my progress in so many areas of my life. Personal Relationships- Asking for help from my wife with my daughter Asking for help from my mother in-law in a... Read more

profile picture   Brian Strump - Live Active Charlotte

It's definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of my willingness to put in the effort to learn from this. The small group helps, and the feedback (giving and receiving) has been beneficial. I'm certainly putting in work outside based on the work we've done in this group. Really excited to see how it continues, and I see how this kind of work can really impact lives; personal, business, etc. I've read plenty of books on the topic, but live sessions, where I can take action, more importantly... Read more

profile picture   Thomas Alfinito - Hygge Fitness

I came into my PRT course with low expectations. I have read books and taken courses on leadership but never really aligned with the ideas. With PRT it has been different, I have really slowed down and taken the time to look at myself and my actions through the better me idea. I really like how the focus is on the actions we do that make it hard for others to tell us the truth instead of how to lead others. It allows me to focus on what I can control and work on self improvement. Because... Read more

profile picture   Rob Olson - ResoluteFIT

It’s hard to put into words the affect PRT has on an individual. To me, and bear with me here, it’s kind of like quantum physics. To those that study quantum physics, discussions makes total sense and it’s a great conversation leading to amazing discoveries about space, time, and our understanding of the universe. It literally opens your eyes to a new world of understanding and possibilities about how the world and universe works. But to someone with no awareness or understanding of... Read more

profile picture   Simon Sparks - Mythical Games

PRT has been a bedrock of self-awareness for me. It's made me more curious to other and accelerated my creativity, not only in work but with my relationships at home. It's become a foundational practice for me and my teams.

profile picture   Simon Sparks - Mythical Games

Super cuffed to be recognised as a Master Coach from Next Jump in PRT - Pre Resiliency Training. Over a year ago when the world was still locked down I meet with a group of strangers on zoom, weekly, to discuss and analyse our own behaviours, often diving deep into habits, behaviours, broken narratives that all stop us from hearing simple truths. I'm a better parent, husband, colleague and human for meeting these people, thanks you all for listening, pushing and delivering truth when it's messy... Read more

profile picture   Josh Hurt - Rice University

Through my 26 years in the Air Force I've went through a lot of credentialing, instructor, and certification courses. I am proud of them all but I might be most proud of this one. The Master Coach certification through the PRT program has been absolutely life changing. This program has upgraded my; awareness, sense-making, judgement, and decision-making. Not only personally but organizationally it has; increased psychological safety, reduced organizational silence, upgraded team... Read more

profile picture   Andy Weir - Headforwards

I've been working with the group for over a year. I feel I'm far more receptive to feedback now, looking to see what might be behind it if I disagree. I feel more attuned to situations where feedback has been softened for me, where previously, I'd only hear the good parts (who doesn't want to hear how great they are). Before I started resiliency training, I would be defensive - I always had to win.

profile picture   Lindsay Jencsik - InfoTek Consulting

PRT has changed not only my professional life and strategic thinking; it has also made me a better person all around. I'm grateful for the ability to get out of my head and focus my energy on making positive life changes instead of burning myself out. I have more meaningful interactions with my team and in my personal life.

profile picture   Lindsay Jencsik - InfoTek Consulting

On my own, I plateau because I can’t see myself. There is no reflection. I need teammates looking at me... With a coach, we can practice. I need a coach, an expert, someone who has mastered it.

profile picture   Nick Habich - Shark Bite Fitness & Nutrition

The experience has been life-changing. I’ve improved my management, communication, and leadership skills drastically, and my life has improved qualitatively because of that. We’ve tackled my own emotional hurdles that were holding me back from leading my team to their true potential. I’ve gained both theoretical and tactical “to-dos” from my time in the group. I have over 15 years of leadership experience at this point, including multiple years of military leadership training, and... Read more

profile picture   Rebecca Gould - Rice University

This has been the biggest blessing and game changer for me. The people help me be a better person. They hold me accountable, support me, and (most importantly) they care about me as a person.

profile picture   Brian Zancewicz - Prototype Training Systems

To say that it has helped me tremendously would be an understatement. It has transformed homelife and worklife. Homelife in the manner that my wife and I are more transparent and communicate more efficiently saving both time and energy. With my children it has really put “Not holding back” on the forefront of what we are trying to teach them as it pertains to life lessons and how to handle things. Full disclosure Mike Collette is my Boss/Friend and was my PRT instructor and I took this... Read more

profile picture   Chuang (Cathy) Yan - Harvard Educational Consulting

Thanks to friend’s reference, I have the great honor to attend PRT-A training. Within only thirteen weeks, I reflected several crucial RABS with the help of my coach and TP’s co-practice: 1. I’m always right. 2. I’m short-tempered. 3. Because of the nature of my work, I tend to be influenced by halo effect - I don’t accept people and things which are not aligned with my own values and I’m very subjective when dealing with relationships with other people. With the help of my coach,... Read more

profile picture   Hanqun (Jenny) Xu - enValue Consulting

It was a self-awareness journey, it helps me to find some RABs which prevent others to provide me feedbacks. Furthermore, a supportive group and an insightful coach brought some different prospective which I have not seen myself in these ways. Thanks for the program to encourage me to be more candid with confidence to speak out my mind, meanwhile, to build the trust in a group.

profile picture   Degang Wang - (Digital Health Startup)

PRT-A is one of the best expereinces in my work in my life. The PRT training dramaticly improved my awareness on my RABs and helped me dial it down in several ways through the 13 weeks practice. It was like muscle-buidling process and we became stronger along the journey.

profile picture   Liqiang (Derek) Tou - SAMA

I have had a very rewardable experience. I think PRT-A experience is a very important step for me to become a true leader after showing more of my true self and dialing down my RABs, though it is not easy. I am so glad with all the help from my group I finally figured out my motivation to make a change in my life.

profile picture   Tim Sweeney - Connecticut College

The PRT-A forced me to look directly at some patterns in my communication with others. The realization that my defensiveness and avoidance tendencies were slowing me down was significant. More than anything, the practice of providing (& receiving) direct feedback was very helpful & I'm excited to build off of it. I can see these concepts applied directly to my own life, but also could be very useful for the team I coach and the community where I work.

profile picture   Ryan Mee - Vassar College

Truth-seeking was the biggest take away. We all want to be direct, so we can get to the REAL issues/topic. My RABs of selfishness and passive aggressive behavior came out quickly during our sessions. This class was a safe space for us to share our individual experiences and receive feedback from group members with no other intention than to help you improve!

profile picture   Qifei (Nancy) Li - Allfavor Circuits Co. LTD

I’ve got huge change in my mind, and I started to realize my RABs in my life.

profile picture   Jon Collette - Prototype Training System

PRT training has made a significant impact on my productivity at work. One of my RABS that i wasn't aware of until going through PRT was when I get stressed out or frustrated I tend to go silent & shut down. Just by having more awareness around that has helped me better think through why what I'm struggling with and seek assistance where needed vs trying to do things solo.

profile picture   Lisa Zancewicz - Town of Holliston

Awareness of my RABs has been the biggest thing for me. While I kind of always knew that they existed, I was not always aware of how much they play into my daily actions as well as my decision making processes. Being more aware of my own behaviors has helped me to really try to dial them back. The “fork in the road” comparison hit home for me, so when I feel like I’m coming to a place where I might fall into what is easy (passive aggressive, poor attitude), then I try to stop there and... Read more

profile picture   Jaryd Belanger - Core Development and Management

it helped me admit to myself some things that were holding me back and helped me work on them and move past them. It was also nice to see others have RABs similar to mine and make me feel like i'm not the only one dealing with challenges in my life.

profile picture   Evan Cleveland - Prototype Training Systems

I've built new positive habits (diet, exercise, time management) and destroyed bad ones while dialling down RABs. PRT-A helped me uncover reasons for my RABs and discover strategies to work on them.

profile picture   Qi Li - LAER+

When I first started taking the PRT course, I was a little confused about what it was? Perhaps because of the fact that I have been a consulting instructor for more than ten years, I am still limited to the original training mode and method. As the course continued to deepen, I gradually understood the unique training method of PRT and the message and method it wanted to convey. I have to admit that the PRT course is a challenge for both instructors and students, a brand new experience that... Read more

profile picture   Grant Zhang - American Data

PRT created a safe environment for open communications. Being vulnerable allows us to put true ourselves in front of people. Through the pear couch system and instant direct, sharp feedback, we became more and more aware of our RABs. Now we can choose how to work with others. As social animals, we spend more than 50% of our energy and time thinking about what others think of us. The PRT-A training is an excellent way to open the door to using a specific approach to learn about myself. Also, I... Read more

profile picture   Zixiao Zheng - AuthRight Inc

Open my mind. I started to look into myself. Understood that building up my RABs list could be life time work and it is encouraged to keep working on it.