Getting Started

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Pre-Resiliency Training

Identifying and dialling down habits that make it harder for others to tell us the truth

Requirements: n/a


Pre-Risk Taking

Identifying the preemptive narratives developed over time that keep us from risk-taking

Requirements: Graduated from PRT-A

Module 3

Mod 10x

Training foundational skills for Decision Making

Requirements: n/a


Pre-Resiliency Training

PRT-A was developed to build the skills needed to dial down the “Lying, Hiding & Faking” that is prevalent in most organizations.

We do things every day that prevent other people from giving us the truth. Pre-Resiliency Training (PRT-A) is a 13-week (1-hour per week) program tailored to help you discover your truth-preventing behaviors and dial them down.

This training, done as a team, will help you navigate conflict, build more authentic relationships, and be a stronger decision-maker.

13-Week Course Syllabus

Forming Groups

2. I'm joining as a...


$750 per person

Train yourself with other like-minded individuals

10 people per team


$7,500 per team

Train together with your hand-selected team in a private group

Up to 10 people per team