Getting Started

1. Select Your Training

Rapid Developmental GPS Assessment

$100 per person (minimum 100 people)

A rapid assessment designed to measure decision making and identify areas for growth

Minimum $10,000

Private Group (Enterprise Training)

$9,500 per group

Available with any of our training courses and is specially tailored for your group with the aim of enhancing their decision-making skills

Up to 10 people per group

Enterprise (Option 2)

Private Group

Available with all of our training courses, your selected group will have access to a 13-week program (1hr per week) designed to enhance their decision-making skills.

This will be tailored to the specific performance level of your group to help target their identified areas for growth.


  • Pre-Resiliency Training: Identifying and dialing down habits that make it harder for others to tell us the truth
  • Pre-Risk Taking: Identifying the preemptive narratives developed over time that keep us from risk-taking
  • MOD-10x: Training foundational skills for decision-making